chino moreno
janvier 2006


Why did deftones sign on to do TOC?
We did it for the money (laughs) just fucking with you. Seriously, though, we've done the warped tour and as im sure you know, they are similar in nature, it's going to be a big year for deftones, and we thought (this tour) would be a good way to kick it all off.

Your fans are probably split down the middle between wanting to see you play versus wanting to hear new music. Does participating in the tour inhibit the completion of the new deftones record, or do you look at the taste of chaos as a way to reflect on new material within the framework of a live set?
Don't trip. I'm finishing the record as we speak, and it'll be done before we start the tour. The record will be out in spring. We tend to take a bit of time in between records, so by the time we're done in the studio, the songs are pretty much done and good to go. The new shit sounds amazing. I can't wait for all our fans to hear it.

If warped tour is punk rock summer canp. how would you describe TOC?
Never really heard that term "punk rock summer camp" before. I'm not really sure how i would describe TOC, since this is the first time were playing it. hit me up halfway through the tour, and I'll let you know.

It's going to be a big year for deftones, and we thought Taste of Chaos would be a good way to kick it all off.

How do you pack for this sort of tour?
Like a chinese proverb: why buy a dog if you're gonna bark yourself? I pack the same way for every tour: get someone to do it for me! Much easier that way.

What's the one item that you're going to kick yourself if you forget to bring along?
Shit, I guess it would be my microphone. That or my laptop-definitely the two things I cannot live w/o on the road. tough call. Probably my mic, though.

What's the one band you're most excited to see on this tour every nite?
Hmm, a tough one, I cant really say, to be honest. what I CAN tell you is that me and the band are looking forward to this tour, playing with some bands we have never played with before and killing it on a nightly basis.

How do you make the setting feel fresh every night when you're traveling from arena to arena?
Aside from actually making the record, touring is my favorite part of being in a band. touring has never really been a problem for me. but, if i'm ever feeling like i need to keep things fresh, a little baby powder always does the trick.

What's the most extravagant item on your rider?
Live chickens or goats, in some cities. (laughs) nothing too extravagant, we're not that kind of band, i just like a good bottle of jamesons, preferably 18 year old shit.

What does chaos taste like?
Not really sure, though i would assume it'd taste like something purchased from [seattle-based seafood vendor] Pike Place Market on a hot summer afternoon. or maybe an un-maintained coo-coo after jazzercise class.


transcription : Jessie Rumble
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