Chi Cheng et Frank Delgado
22 mars 2007

La voici, cette tant attendue interview, que je dois publier depuis plus d'une année... Au final, ça ressemble plus au chaos qu'autre chose : arrivé en retard pour des raisons totalement extérieures à ma volonté, je vois mon temps d'interview raccourci de moitié. Ouch. Une rapide réorganisation de mes questions et un peu de concentration malgré le bruit incessant de la clim de la pièce dans laquelle nous sommes (intervieweur, c'est tout un métier...), je reprends mes esprits et commence l'interview de deux des membres du seul groupe dont je me qualifierais de "fan"...



Deftnz.net: We all heard that Chino had to cancel a couple of shows, so do you think he's going to be alright for tonight?
Frank: Sounded pretty good on soundcheck...
Chi : Yeah! he was alright
F: He's had 5 days of rest...
C: To recuperate. It's hard! We've been running really hard. We went to South America, then up into Japan, down to Australia, and then fucking studio from there, it’s crazy, it's pretty grueling, and I think, you know we’re just tired… it takes its toll after a while. But he'll try.

D.net: He should be alright. And if not, then there's Jeff Jaworski who can come up on stage and sing...
F: (rires) I don't think that'd be serious actually, but yeah sure!
C: Who's Jeff?
F: The singer of Will Haven.
C: Oh yeah.
D.net: The new one.
C: Ok, I don't really know him.


Frank: That was pretty crazy. It was so outlandishly crazy that it was fucking cool. That's what I thought.
Chi: It was very punk. It was really raw...

à propos du Waldock Festival


D.net: just quickly a short question about Saturday Night Wrist, it's way more experimental than your previous recordings, you've tried to work on the different textures of the sound, Frank you're playing a lot of keyboards. So I wanted to know if you had any idea of which direction you're going to follow for the rest of your career.
F: I’m not sure, I mean no I don’t think there has ever been anything we've been following other than our hearts, our mind, and wanting to make a great album, Which is why the record is probably really, on a track level is really diverse... There is nothing that we are trying to be apart of or a part of us copy, there's nothing that we think we can't tread to or wonder into and make and you know, so, I think things are gonna go forward with us all the time, that’s always gonna be a part of this band, you know what I mean? I think if you're a true Deftones fan you can appreciate that. At least on an overview I can understand that people can gravitate towards us for a certain emotion or heavier stuff whatever, that will always be there. And I mean, if you’re into whatever we are doing as far as an album on a whole instead of a certain song, you know, you’re pretty good with fans/the songs.

D.net : It's all about being open-minded and acting like a sponge...
F: Yeah definitely

D.net: A couple of days ago, I did an email interview with Steph via MySpace..
C: Sorry...

D.net: Well he was very straight forward
F:  That's cool.
D.net: I asked him what was up with Maverick and he answered me that you guys were on the mother company now, Warner. So do you have a new contract?
F: No, no, I wish we were able to...
C: (rires)
F: No but I guess we were sucked right into... They were like the parent company of Maverick; Maverick wasn't like its own entity, so there were pressures...
C: Uncivilarities...
F: It's kinda bad 'cause Maverick was that small, smaller company and Warner's much bigger, much more resources, much more people. I mean you can look at it like that but it's still fucking… silver is silver, its a metal, so it doesn't really matter, you know what I mean?

D.net: About your latest video, Mein, it created a lot of surprise because it's a quite different video, with all the hiphop references... We're all wondering whether you've got any regards on the videos that are made for you, do you have your part in the processes of creation at all?
C: Some videos more than others...
F: Yeah I mean we toss around ideas ... we end up picking someone with a concept or whatever, then we kind of mould it. For the most part I think our videos are kind of last minute, you know. Cause we constantly like, come out of this album, then thrust into this tour and we always seem rushed into these videos…
I don’t think the way we tackle the videos around our art, you know what I mean, that’s for damn sure but… Look at it like this man, in all reality they're not going to play our videos for people, (to say) the deco look right the suits were clean cut right. It's a different time, a different way of working, especially for what we do. We're not a video band, you know what I'm saying, as far as we're a band that people have never heard of and their videos make them popular. I can't fish for that.

D.net: It’s not what you want?
F: not so much its not what I want. It wouldn't be a bad thing if one of our videos took off and the masses that never heard of us would turn it on with one of our videos, you know what I'm saying. But it's not like that because the video companies and the MTVs, they are not playing what they think is the new thing or whatever, you know what I mean, you’ve either got to really shock them or really be some outlandish shit to have them to even take notice, you know what I’m saying. And in the video you just keep fucking all the current hot producers who think their gonna make the song??? Anyways, the videos are definitely, I think, don't take as much precedence as when we're making a record, that's for sure.

D.net: Talking about videos, we heard a couple of months ago that Andy Bennett, who is a friend of yours, had filmed a documentary called "Entertain Me" and was supposed to be out long ago but Maverick prevented it to be out...
C: Yeah it's kept in Area 51. Nobody can get to it (rires).

D.net: Do you have any information about that? Is it going to be out one day?
F: It's a pretty cool documentary actually; I thought it should be released...
C: oh, I don’t know
F: I think the label thought it was too depressing and it was at a time we were still wrapping the record so they had their reasons that I didn't know... I don't know you know what I mean... I think it's a pretty good piece of work, I think andy would be smart to release it on his own, just to show much hard work he put into it, you know what I mean?
C: he’s located in the fucking drag. And now the thing is it's kind of dated. That's the whole problem. It's a beautiful piece of the history of Deftones. But it's fucking... How many years ago?
F: 5, 6?

D.net: 2001.
F: It was just a couple of weeks during an old tour, our month tour I thought it was a month, and I think it's brilliant.
C: I think it's great, have you seen it?

D.net: Hell no! I wish I had! (rires) I think as fans, we all think it's stupid to label it as "too depressing", I don't know this is your story...
C: Yeah I know...
D.net: So we're just crossing fingers it'll be out one day. Maybe the change from Maverick to Warner, they're gonna put it out... My time is almost over, so I'll ask you a question I had been saving. A couple of days ago, I listened to the Waldrock Festival 2001 where Chino...
C: Ohhhh shiiit.... (rires)

D.net: Very interesting piece of work! And my question is when do you think was the time you were, on stage, the most shit-faced?
F: Personally or as a band?

D.net: As a band.
F: Well that was it, that was the epitome of...

D.net: You were all...
F: No not all, I mean I was probably buzzed or whatever, I drink all the time...
C: I was sober as, it sucked, I was sober, it was terrible
F: But I mean, that was pretty crazy. It was so outlandishly crazy that it was fucking cool. That's what I thought.
C: It was very punk.
F: Oh yeah!
C: It was really raw...

D.net: Chino insulting people...
F: Yeah! They didn't seem to understand because the back story to it, why did that happen. The festival security beat the shit out of him
C: He drunk himself for one thing and then he got beat up by the security, who said they thought he was a crowd surfer. This is fucking Holland right? Now I’m not sure how many in the Mexicans were coming out of the crowd but as I’m concerned it was back stage and he was drunk (rires)
C&F: he was back stage. Well, he was drunk! (rires)
F: I love it because of the back story to it. And then for them to force us to go... Not as force us to go onstage but made an attempt. It was punk rock in that sense, you know what I mean? Well some people got insulted, well we were insulted the fact that our singer got beat up, you know what I mean, by the festival people, you know what I mean so, what are you gonna do? I've heard the audio, it's amazing I love it man! Great sound!

D.net: I think it's in Head Up it's going completely insane just after he starts singing the song... It kinda settled the atmosphere for the rest of the show!
Well what can I add? I had an order in my questions but it doesn't make any sense now... On behalf of all the French fans, we're very happy to see you play with Will Haven because it's a loved band here. Last time they came it was like 1999? Do you contact the bands you play with personally?

F: Yeah.
C: This tour for sure, we know Stephan (?) for half the tour and she got Will Haven out with us. Some tours more than others, we can have complete say over it, but, it's unfortunate we don’t play the game or anything.

D.net:  I don't know if you know but before Will Haven there's a French guy called Grum Lee. He plays acoustic versions of.. well strange versions of songs. Some of your songs he's done.
F: Is he playing tonight?
D.net: Yeah. He got in contact with Jeff Irwin (guitariste de Will Haven) and he said "Yeah". So he's gonna perform like two or three songs acoustic.
C&F: (rires)
D.net: It's a crazy thing. You didn't know that?
F: No! Jeff didn't tell us about that. 

Là, Chi et Frank partent dans un délire autour de leur manager totalement incompréhensible pour moi.

F: We're gonna check him out!
C: Thank you so much!

J'allais presque oublier de donner à Chi la bouteille promise en octobre 2006 lors de leur passage à Londres par deftones.forever du forum. L'interview à peine terminée, je lui cours après...

D.net: Chi! Chi! It's a gift from a guy... (là je me fais stopper par la puissante sécu)
C: Ahhh for the wine cellar in my new house!
Il me donne la grosse accolade :)
D.net: It's not from me, but from a guy you met in october in London... A French guy, a tall one...
C: Yeahyeahyeah!
D.net: He asked you what wine you liked and you said...
C: Red wine! Haaa thank you so much, you know you might thank him when you see him. I love it!


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